Technical Guidelines for Small Island Mapping with UAVs

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Please cite the work as follows: World Bank and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (2019). Technical Guidelines for Small Island Mapping with UAVs. Washington, DC. License: Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0.Table of Contents


2D two-dimensional

ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast

AGL above ground level

AOI area of interest

AT automatic triangulation

ATC air traffic control

CAA Civil Aviation Authority

CV computer vision

DSLR digital single-lens reflex

DSM digital surface model

DTM digital terrain model

EXIF exchangeable image file format

GCP ground control point

GeoTIFF Georeferenced Tagged Image File Format

GIS geographic information system

GPS Global Positioning System

GPU graphics processing unit

HOT Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

IMU inertial measurement unit

LiDAR Light Detection and Ranging

LiPo lithium polymer

NIR near infrared

NOTAM Notice to Airmen

OAM OpenAerialMap

OSM OpenStreetMap

PacDID Pacific Drone Imagery Dashboard

PIC Pacific Island Country

PPK Post-Processed Kinematic

RGB red-green-blue

RTK Real-Time Kinematic

SfM Structure from Motion

SIDS Small Island Developing States

SSD solid-state drive

UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

UAViators Humanitarian UAV Network


This document was prepared by Cristiano Giovando, Patrick Meier, Joseph Mulhausen, and Denise Soesilo, with oversight from Keiko Saito and Michael Bonte-Grapentin. V-TOL Aerospace provided substantial inputs based on field work carried out in Tonga and Fiji.